Project Partners


Durham University is a world Top 100 University, ranked 4th in the UK, and a member of the leading Russell group of Universities. The Department of Physics in Durham is one of the leading physics and astronomy departments in the UK. Currently Physics is in the world top 40 for citations. Professor Monkman’s research group is one of the worlds leading groups for spectroscopic studies of OLED and OLED materials, especially studies of triplet exciton properties in materials and devices. The group works closely with many of the leading European/World OLED companies, including Novalead, Cambridge Display Technologies and Samsung.


Professor Andrew Monkman; Lead academic in Durham, he will be responsible for the running of the project in Durham. His research group studies of the optical properties of organic semiconductors, with specially focus on triplet exciton dynamics and organic solid state lighting. Professor Monkman will lead studies in the photophysics of the TADF mechanism and will work with the project partners to help optimise TADF device architecture through the development of new photophysical measurements on devices.

Merck is a Pharmaceutical & Chemical company based in Darmstadt, Germany. PM-AO Unit develops high performance OLED materials. All OLED manufacturing, material evaluation, stack development as well as special experimental investigations are carried out in PM-AOA.


Dr. Christof Pflumm, extensive experience in OLED device physics & material development.

Cynora is a young company located close to Karlsruhe, Germany, focusing on providing Singlet Harvesting technology for application in OLEDs. This technology enables efficient display and lighting devices without depending on rare starting materials, such as Iridium. Research covers all important aspects of opto-electronic material development, including quantum chemical calculations and synthesis as well as thorough photophysical analysis and testing in devices. This allows cynora to evaluate many different concepts for OLED design.


Dr. Daniel Zink, Research Scientist, expert for organic synthesis and characterization