MIT Technology Review – Innovator Under 35 (Poland)

MIT Technology Review – Innovator Under 35 (Poland)

Przemyslaw Data was chosen one of the Polish Innovators Under 35.

Przemyslaw Data
2017, Europe
Researcher at Silesian University of Technology

Przemyslaw Data is one of the researchers leading the charge to find reliable, energy efficient light sources for Europe. Data is working with highly efficient organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) to reduce the electricity demand and, in turn, reduce CO2 emissions. Data uses thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) and the exciplex phenomenon to eliminate the use of the energy intensive and rare element iridium for the production of OLEDs and to radically increase OLED output efficiency. It was Data’s own research that helped to prove that exciplex processes can used to increase light emission efficiency. Thanks to this groundwork, he has been able to produce several highly efficient OLED devices based on this technology. The consequences of Data’s innovation could be widespread and impactful, ranging from cheaper OLED screens for use in smartphones and tablets to accessible and inexpensive lighting for communities in need.


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